Through The Lens 133 – Gettysburg Clearing Storm

Clearing Storm - Brigadier General Gouvernor Kemble Warren - Little Round Top

A storm clears over the Brigadier General Gouvernor Kemble Warren statue on Little Round Top, just in time for a beautiful sunset during Gettysburg’s 150th Anniversary back in 2013.

Through The Lens 85 – Ravens Roost Adding Scale

Ravens Roost Overlook Sunset

Since a number of folks liked my previous post from Ravens Roost Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway, I thought I’d share another.

I usually don’t include people in my landscape photos because they’re often distracting elements.  But on the rare occasion when they’re standing in the right spot, its nice to include people to add a sense of scale.  After other photographers had moved on to other locations at the overlook, I found a composition that allowed me to include two people between the trees.

Through The Lens 83 – Ravens Roost Overlook

Ravens Roost Overlook Sunset

This photo of sunset at Ravens Roost Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway is another case of luck favoring the prepared.  I was driving from work in Baltimore down to Roanoke for Memorial Day Weekend to photograph N&W 611 on her trips out of Roanoke.  During lunch at work I took a couple of minutes to look up potential sunset locations on the the Blue Ridge Parkway just in case I was ahead of schedule and had time to head back up the parkway after checking into my hotel.  Four traffic accidents on I-81 turned a 4 hour drive into 7 hours, but remembering one photo I saw of an overlook at the North end of the parkway, I turned east on I-64 with just enough time to get to Ravens Roost Overlook before sunset.  Sometimes you just get lucky.

Through The Lens 66 – Square Tower House

Square Tower House in Mesa Verde National Park is the tallest cliff dwelling in the park. It also is a great location to shoot at sunset.  Since the last time I visited was a cloudy day, I made a point to stop at Mesa Verde on my way to Black Canyon of the Gunnison on a trip last fall.  I’ll post the first part of the trip report on Tuesday.

Through The Lens 61 – Mercury Truck

One from the archives, this time from a Lerro Productions Photo Charter at the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad in October of 2013.  Shot just after sunset, this scene featured a perfectly restored Mercury pickup truck, Western Maryland 734 and Mr. Helmstetter’s Barn.

Through The Lens 52 – Great Smoky Mountains

Sunset - Clingman's Dome

Given the recent fires in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the surrounding area, I thought I’d share a favorite from my last trip.  I know the fire has caused significant damage, but the sun will rise again, the damage will be repaired and the forest will regrow.

Through The Lens 49 – Fall Sunsets

This is my favorite time of year for sunsets in the Mid-Atlantic region. We get this wonderful orange glow at the horizon that makes for some great photos.

Trip Report – Great Smoky Mountains National Park 2015 – Part 2 – Sunsets & Night Photography

Sunset - Clingman's Dome

The clear skies that made waterfall photography difficult did create opportunities for great sunset and night photography on Clingman’s Dome and along the Newfound Gap road.

Sunsets on Clingman’s Dome are fun to watch.  On a clear day just before sunset a line of photographers appear along the edge of the parking lot to get the classic shot of the sun dropping behind the distant mountains. Stick around after the sun disappears and the colors turn from oranges and purples to pastel pinks and blues.

Twilight - Clingman's Dome

For a little different perspective, a climb to the top of the observation platform gets you above the tree tops.  If you decide to make the climb, allow plenty of time.  The path is steep and at high elevation.

Sunset Clingman's Dome

Once it’s dark enough for the Milky Way to appear, the trees at Clingman’s Dome and the overlooks on Newfound Gap Road make interesting foregrounds.

Clingman’s Dome Trail:

Milky Way - Clingman's Dome

Milky Way - Clingman's Dome

Morton Overlook:

Milky Way - Morton Overlook

That’s it for Part 2.  If you missed it, please have a look at Part 1 of the trip report.  Check back in two weeks for Part 3 – Cades Cove.