Through The Lens 62 – Snow Plow

Black Horse Cut

A year ago this weekend I stopped to photograph the Strasburg Railroad on my way to a photo charter on the Reading & Northern.  Shortly after I arrived I saw Strasburg’s Russell Snow Plow heading out of the yard. I went straight for a cut hoping for deep enough snow to capture the plow at work.  Fortunately I guessed correctly.

Through The Lens 61 – Mercury Truck

One from the archives, this time from a Lerro Productions Photo Charter at the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad in October of 2013.  Shot just after sunset, this scene featured a perfectly restored Mercury pickup truck, Western Maryland 734 and Mr. Helmstetter’s Barn.

Book Review – Treasured Lands Update

In case you missed my original review, please take a minute to check it out.  Now that I have my copy of the book (the review was of a pre-production copy), I’m happy to say it is even better than I expected.

To go along with the hard copy, a PDF reference version was recently released by the author to allow you to take the book in the field with you as a reference.  The PDF copy is low resolution and formatted specifically for loading onto a smartphone or tablet and can be loaded onto multiple devices.

The PDF is available directly from the author’s website and costs $30 if you don’t own a hard copy of Treasured Lands or $5.00 if you own a copy.

Q.T., thanks again for putting this together!

Through The Lens 60 – Solari Board

After hearing that the Solari Board at Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station is due to be replaced, I took my camera along on a recent site visit to capture the board in motion. The classic clicking sound of the board updating will be missed when it’s digital replacement is installed.

Through The Lens 59 – Cathedral of Steam

The B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore, Maryland is often referred to as the Cathedral of Steam, a name it lives up to and then some.

For those not familiar with the museum, it houses the finest collection of early locomotives and rolling stock in the nation.  A roof collapse on Feburary 16, 2003 almost destroyed the collection.  Fortunately everything damaged has been restored and returned to display.

Through The Lens 58 – Fountain Flats

Fountain Flats

As I’ve mentioned before, I had the privilege of attending the first DLWS trip to Yellowstone.  Fountain Flats was our first stop of the first morning. The contrast between the steam and snow vs the silhouettes of the bison made for a great black and white image.

Through The Lens 57 – Rosie the Riveter

One of the reenactors brazing during a Rosie the Riveter themed photo shoot I attended in November. I’ll post a trip report next Tuesday.

Through The Lens 56 – Steam in the Snow

Mr. Helmstetter's New Barn

Helmstetter’s Curve on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad.

Photographing steam locomotives in the snow is one of my favorite things to do. The snow acts as a giant reflector bouncing light into the running gear, allowing you to really see all of the detail and textures that is often missed. The cold weather also allows long white exhaust plumes to hang in the air.

Through The Lens 55 – Year In Review 2016

The Organ

With the last post of 2016, I’d like to thank everyone for following along with my photographic journeys.  As usual, I’m behind on editing photos from this fall and hope to start posting trip reports in the coming weeks for trips to National Parks in Colorado, two railroad photo charters, a Rosie the Riveter shoot and the Antietam Memorial Illumination.

2017 looks to be another fun year photographically with a National Parks trip in the early planning stages, two railroad related trips and one airshow already scheduled.  I’m looking forward to seeing what else the new year brings.

Happy New Year!