Through The Lens 10:  Colonial Christmas

Christmas in Williamsburg is a great time to visit Virginia’s Colonial Capitol.  Interestingly the decorations we enjoy there today are a 1940’s compromise between residents and the Colonial Williamsburg foundation. The residents wanted to decorate the homes in a modern manner but the Foundation wanted to keep to strict colonial traditions meaning no decorations.  They settled on decorating using only the natural materials that would have been on hand in colonial times. While the displays we see today would have been considered wasteful three centuries ago, they’re beautiful

Through The Lens 9:  Antietam Memorial Illumination

Every year on the first Saturday in December, 23,110 luminaries are lit on the fields outside Sharpsburg, MD representing the casualties from the battle of Antietam.  It is a sobering site when driving through the illumination and even more so when walking the grounds with a photography permit.