Through The Lens 124 – Governor’s Palace Spring

Governor's Palace Gardens Spring

One from the archives.  This one was taken on a rare spring trip to Colonial Williamsburg.  I need to get down there in the spring again to photograph more of the gardens in full bloom.  Maybe next year.

Through The Lens 123 – N&W 611 Brown’s Summit

Brown's Summit, NC

As a child I watched a video tape of the National Geographic program, ‘Love Those Trains’, until I wore it out.  N&W 611 was featured in the opening sequence and I always wanted to see her run in person.

Last year, my friend Kevin invited me to chase the J with him and a couple other friends. I immediately took him up on the offer and ended up chasing three of the four weekends that 611 ran in 2017.

The image above of N&W 611 charging up grade through the rain at Brown’s Summit, NC was taken about this time last year on the first of the three weekends I chased.

Through The Lens 122 – Thomas Jefferson

I’m still chipping away at the photos from the New Year’s trip to Williamsburg and thought I’d share this one of Bill Barker as Thomas Jefferson.  Mr. Barker has been portraying Thomas Jefferson for many years.  I’m always impressed with his ability to respond to any question or situation in character.  If you visit Colonial Williamsburg, make sure to find him on the schedule and make a point to see one of his public audiences.  You won’t regret it.

Through The Lens 121 – Diagon Alley

Just a fun shot from Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida. Universal did an incredible job creating an immersive environment that’s full of photography opportunities.