Through The Lens 128 – N&W 611 Roanoke Mornings

Roanoke Mornings

N&W 611 pulls into the station on the final morning of her 2017 Excursion Season.  Hopefully this sight will return in the future.

Through The Lens 125 – N&W 611 Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

Last year about this time was the second weekend I chased N&W 611.  The flowers in the foreground made this one of my favorite images from the trip.

Through The Lens 123 – N&W 611 Brown’s Summit

Brown's Summit, NC

As a child I watched a video tape of the National Geographic program, ‘Love Those Trains’, until I wore it out.  N&W 611 was featured in the opening sequence and I always wanted to see her run in person.

Last year, my friend Kevin invited me to chase the J with him and a couple other friends. I immediately took him up on the offer and ended up chasing three of the four weekends that 611 ran in 2017.

The image above of N&W 611 charging up grade through the rain at Brown’s Summit, NC was taken about this time last year on the first of the three weekends I chased.