Through The Lens 179 – Domino Sugars

A fixture in the Baltimore skyline since 1951, the Domino Sugars sign is classic Baltimore. When Domino announced that they were going to replace the aging neon sign with LED, I made a trip to photograph the sign while it retained its original neon.

Happy Friday!

Through The Lens 68 – Light City Abstract

LightWave - Baltimore's Beacon - Abstract

After capturing the “Lightwave – Baltimore’s Beacon” installation last year, I started playing around with zooming the lens with the shutter open to see what patterns I could capture.  The ones where I opened the shutter while zooming in seemed to work the best.

Through The Lens 59 – Cathedral of Steam

The B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore, Maryland is often referred to as the Cathedral of Steam, a name it lives up to and then some.

For those not familiar with the museum, it houses the finest collection of early locomotives and rolling stock in the nation.  A roof collapse on Feburary 16, 2003 almost destroyed the collection.  Fortunately everything damaged has been restored and returned to display.

Through The Lens 38 – Domino Sugars

Domino Sugars

Domino Sugars is a Baltimore icon. While some of the other famous brands have moved out of town its nice that Domino is still part of the city.  All that red neon makes for a good blue hour subject too.

Sorry for the unannounced absence. I decided to take the month of August off.  I’ll do a better job of announcing any breaks in the future.

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Trip Report – Light City Baltimore

Light City Baltimore is a new event in downtown Baltimore, Maryland, featuring light based art installations, musical acts and theatrical performances. The event ran for a full week from March 28th – April 3rd.  The main feature of the event was the Light Art Walk located around the Inner Harbor which included a number of light based art installations.  In between were several stages for musical and theatrical performances.  Here’s a few of my favorites from this year:

LightWave – Baltimore’s Beacon:

Antique Baltimore Police Department Patrol Car:

Community Beacons – Making Waves:


Projected Aquaculture:

Theatre of Fire:


The shooting conditions were challenging with brightly lit art outside in the dark, and I found the balance between including the surrounding context and avoiding over exposing the art difficult.  Most of my best shots occurred during sunset or blue hour when the balance in exposure between the two could be found.  Fortunately the event seemed to be a success, so hopefully I’ll have another chance to shoot it next year.

Through The Lens 27 – Light City

Light City was a new event in Baltimore this year, featuring light based art installations, musical acts and theatrical performances. Here’s one of my favorites from the week long event, Lightwave – Baltimore’s Beacon which was an installation at the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse on Pier 5.  The LED lights were operating like a giant computer screen, and was a challenge to shoot.

Stop by Tuesday for a full “trip report” from the event.