Through The Lens 168 – Raven’s Roost Milky Way

Working on my backlog of miscellaneous images. I was in Fishersville Virginia last November for the Virginia Woodturning Symposium. The weather was good so I stopped by Raven’s Roost Overlook in search of the Milky Way.

Through The Lens 104 – Colonial Williamsburg Christmas

Another from the archives.  A few years ago, a snow storm hit Williamsburg in late December.  It was after Christmas but before they take the decorations down in January.  It was an easy decision to make the four hour drive in the snow for this photography opportunity.

Through The Lens 85 – Ravens Roost Adding Scale

Ravens Roost Overlook Sunset

Since a number of folks liked my previous post from Ravens Roost Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway, I thought I’d share another.

I usually don’t include people in my landscape photos because they’re often distracting elements.  But on the rare occasion when they’re standing in the right spot, its nice to include people to add a sense of scale.  After other photographers had moved on to other locations at the overlook, I found a composition that allowed me to include two people between the trees.

Through The Lens 38 – Domino Sugars

Domino Sugars

Domino Sugars is a Baltimore icon. While some of the other famous brands have moved out of town its nice that Domino is still part of the city.  All that red neon makes for a good blue hour subject too.

Sorry for the unannounced absence. I decided to take the month of August off.  I’ll do a better job of announcing any breaks in the future.

Note: Due to technical difficulties user error this posted late.

Trip Report – Atlanta

Atlanta Skyline

I made a quick trip to Atlanta last weekend for the American Association of Woodturners annual symposium.  While I was there I managed to squeeze in some photography. 

Above is a blue hour shot from Jackson Street Bridge which is the classic location for photos of the Atlanta skyline. 

Below are two shots from The Varsity which happens to be another great location for photos of the Atlanta skyline. All of the red neon looks great at blue hour.

The Varsity

The Varsity