Through The Lens 163 – Shield Spring

Reaching way back into the archives for this one. This photo of Shield Spring taken during a winter trip to Yellowstone many years ago has always been one of my favorites. I’ve always liked the contrast between the color of the bacteria in the runoff around the spring vs. the snow and trees.

Through The Lens 108 – Yellowstone

The recent cold snap had me thinking about the coldest weather I’ve experienced. It was -31°F the morning we went to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and it was one of the most beautiful sights I’ve seen.  Clear blue skies and the air shimmered with tiny ice crystals floating.  Its hard to believe it was ten years ago.  It seems like I was just there.

Through The Lens 58 – Fountain Flats

Fountain Flats

As I’ve mentioned before, I had the privilege of attending the first DLWS trip to Yellowstone.  Fountain Flats was our first stop of the first morning. The contrast between the steam and snow vs the silhouettes of the bison made for a great black and white image.

Through The Lens 14 – Yellowstone Winter

Here’s one from the archives.  Several years ago, I had the privilege of attending a Digital Landscape Workshop Series (DLWS) trip to Yellowstone, led by Moose Peterson, Joe McNally, Laurie Excell and Kevin Dobler.  The trip was the perfect mix of shooting time in the field and classroom time, allowing everyone to leave with amazing images and new skills.  Unfortunately DLWS disbanded a couple of years ago.

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